Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Callaeidae; Ϯ South Island Kokako C. cinereus) Gr. καλλαια kallaia  cock’s wattles; "23. CALLAEAS (great Wattle bird of N. Zeeland). Rostrum incurvatum, fornicatum: Paleare carunculaceum: lingua lacera, ciliata." (J. R. Forster 1788); "Callaeas Forster, 1788 (March 27), Enchiridion, p. 35. Type, by monotypy, Great Wattle Bird of New Zealand = Glaucopis cinerea Gmelin." (Amadon in Peters 1962, XV, 157). The North Island Kokako C. wilsoni has blue wattles at the base of the bill, but the wattles of the extinct South Island Kokako were orange. The two were formerly treated as conspecific. 
Var. Calloeas.
Synon. Glaucopis.


Gr. καλλαια kallaia cock’s wattles.
● ex “Vanellus ludovicianus armatus” of Brisson 1760, and “Vanneau armé de la Louisiane” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 835 (syn. Hoplopterus miles).