Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ Banded Antbird D. cincta) Gr. δι- di-  double  < δις dis  twice  < δυο duo  two; χροια khroia  colour; ζωνη zōnē  belt, girdle; "Dichrozona, genus novum Formicariidarum (δις = bisχροια = colorζωνη = zona)  ...  Similar in structure to Myrmotherula SCL., but bill longer, with straighter gonys and decided gonydeal angle, tail relatively shorter, with much narrower and softer feathers, a broad white band across the lower back, and the two wing-bands underlaid by similar bands on sub-basal portion of secondaries and greater coverts.  Type, D. zononota, sp. nov." (Ridgway 1888).