Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(syn. Arundinicola Ϯ White-headed Marsh Tyrant A. leucocephala) Gr. δι- di-  double  < δις dis  twice  < δυο duo  two; ξιφιας xiphias  sword < ξιφος xiphos  sword. This name has been widely used for the White-crowned Manakin "Dixiphia" pipra, although plate LXIII in Reichenbach 1850, not only illustrates an incorrect head but also shows a thin, elongated and sharply pointed first primary absent in that species. I brought this to the attention of Guy Kirwan, co-author with Graeme Green of "Cotingas and Manakins" (2011), and "Dixiphia" pipra has now been provided with a new generic name (see Pseudopipra).