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(syn. Epthianura Ϯ Orange Chat E. aurifrons) L. aureus  golden  < aurum  gold; genus Epthianura Gould, 1838, chat; "There seems to me to be only two courses open in the treatment of these birds—either the inclusion of the whole of the species in the genus Epthianura, or else the recognition of four genera.   ...   I am therefore proposing to use the following generic names for these birds:—  Epthianura (Gould) for E. albifrons (Jard. and Selby).   Parepthianura (nov.) for E. tricolor (Gould).   Aurepthianura (nov.) for E. aurifrons (Gould) and E. crocea (Castelnau and Ramsay).   Ashbyia (North) for E. lovensis (Ashby)." (Mathews 1913); "Aurepthianura Mathews, 1913, Emu, 12, p. 205. Type, by subsequent designation (Mathews, 1913, List Birds Australia, p. 207), Ephthianura aurifrons Gould." (Mayr in Peters 1986, XI, 461).


(Meliphagidae; Ϯ White-fronted Chat E. albifrons) Gr. εφθος ephthos  refined, languid; ουρα oura  tail; “Genus EPTHIANURABill shorter than the head, nearly straight, compressed laterally, notched at the tip, gonys incurved; nostrils basal, linear, and covered by a membrane; wings long, first quill spurious, second very long, third and fourth equal and longest; tertials very long; tail short and truncate; tarsi entire, moderately long, slight; toes slender, the hinder toe and claw shorter than the middle one, the inner toe rather shorter than the outer.   Type. Acanthiza albifrons, Jard. and Selb.    EPTHIANURA AURIFRONS.” (Gould 1838); “Mayr (in Mayr & Cottrell 1986) noted that Epthianura, as described in Gould’s ‘A Synopsis of the Birds of Australia’, part 4, App., p. 3, was corrected on p. 4 to Ephthianura ... An examination of two copies of this work reveals that Epthianura was used on both pages. What Gould thought of as his original description under this name was not published until some seven months after his Synopsis  ...  where Ephthianura was used. Gould used Ephthianura in July 1841 ...  and later again Ephthianura in the same year ...  In March and June 1842, in the relevant parts of ‘The Birds of Australia’ ...  Gould again used Epthianura ... However, in 1845 Gould used both Epthianura ...  and Ephthianura; ...  Ephthianura reappears in his ‘Introduction’ (1848c), then Epthianura in 1849 (Sturt & Gould 1849) and twice in 1861 ... then back to Ephthianura in his ‘Handbook’ (1865) ...  Obviously, Gould never came to a firm decision on his spelling of the name ...  In such a situation of inconsistent usage, it is best to retain the name as it was originally published in 1838” (McAllan & Bruce 1989).  
Var. Ephthianura, EphthrianuraHepthaenura.   
Synon. Aurepthianura, Cinura, Keartlandia, Leachena, Parepthianura.


(syn. Epthianura Ϯ Crimson Chat E. tricolor) Gr. παρα para  near; genus Epthianura Gould, 1838, chat (see Aurepthianura); "Parepthianura Mathews, 1913, Emu, 12, p. 205. Type, by monotypy, Ephthianura tricolor Gould." (Mayr in Peters 1986, XI, 461).   Var. Parephthianura.