Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Eulacestomidae; Ϯ Wattled Ploughbill E. nigropectus) Gr. ευλακα eulaka  ploughshare; στομα stoma, στοματος stomatos  mouth; "Eulacestoma, * n.g.  Bill much shorter than head, much compressed: the depth twice the breadth and equal to the length of the culmen. Culmen moderately arched; gonys arched more strongly. Nostrils oval? exposed. Nasal and rictal bristles short and feeble, a large wattle depending from the rictus. Wing rather pointed, tip formed by primaries 3-6; first primary more than half the length of second, secondaries long. Tail of ten feathers, rounded. Legs robust. Anterior tarsal scute almost entire.   48. Eulacestoma nigropectus, n.s.  ...  head olive; lores black, broadly tipped with greenish-yellow; ear-coverts and face olive; wattle pinky brown (in life pink).  ...  * Eulake, ploughshare" (DeVis 1894). By some authors the Ploughbill was included with the whistlers Pachycephalidae, or with the shrike-tits Falcunculidae, but it appears to have no close living relatives.