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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Masked Water Tyrant F. nengeta) L. fluvius, fluvii  river  < fluere  to flow; -cola  -dweller  < colere  to inhabit; "FLUVICOLA.  Alæ elongatæ, remigibus 2da et 3tia æqualibus, longissimis.  Cauda mediocris, subrotundata.  Pedes graciles, tarsorum squamis anterioribus divisis, lateralibus obsoletis.  ... I cannot with any certainty, quote a typical example of this new form, of which I possess two distinct species from Brazil." (Swainson 1827); "Courier Waterchat  ...  Frequent marshy situations in the New World  ...  Their haunts are only in the vicinity of water: they pursue their prey upon the ground, running with great celerity, and are constantly in motion  ...  The present species we met with in abundance at Pernambuco, frequenting the sides of the rivers and lagoons" (Swainson 1831); "Fluvicola Swainson, 1827, Zool. Journ., 3, p. 172. Type, by subsequent designation (Swainson, 1831, Zool. Illus., ser. 2, 2, pl. [46]), Fluvicola cursoria Swainson = Oenanthe climazura Vieillot [= Lanius Nengeta Linnaeus 1766]." (Traylor in Peters 1979, VIII, 179).
Synon. Entomophagus, Myiophila, Orsipus.


L. fluvius, fluvii  river  < fluere  to flow; -cola  -dweller  < colere  to inhabit.
● ex “Nebuleux” of Levaillant 1805, pl. 149 (Muscipeta artefact).