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(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ Southern White-fringed Antwren F. grisea) L. formica  ant; -vorus  -eating  < vorare  to devour; "It is at this stage of our progression that I propose to fix the limits of Thamnophilus, and pass into the genus Formicivora: here the bill is no longer robust; but narrow, slender, and more cylindrical; the under mandible weak, and the gonix nearly strait; the tail of some species is even longer and more cuneated than in the last group" (Swainson 1824); "The Formicivoræ or Ant-Wrens, are all of them very small; and in an artificial arrangement might very well be associated with the Warblers. In all but their slender bill, they present a perfect miniature resemblance to the true Thamnophili, even to the lateral scales of their tarsi, which are small and numerous. They differ from the Drymophilæ by their comparatively short legs, which are obviously not intended for walking. We know little of their natural economy, further than that they frequent bushes and the low branches of trees, which they probably cleanse of those small insects, passed over by their more powerful brethren" (Swainson 1825).
Var. Formicivor.
Synon. Myrmecophila, Neorhopias, Stymphalornis.


L. formica  ant; -vorus  -eating  < vorare  to devour.
● ex “Traquet Fourmilier” of Levaillant 1806, pl. 186 (Myrmecocichla).