Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Streamer-tailed Tyrant G. yetapa) Gr. γυβερνητης gubernētēs or κυβερνητης kubernētēs  guide, governor  < κυβερναω kubernaō  to guide ("Kυβερνητης, a pilot, κυβερναω, to steer, (from the forked rudder-like tail)" (Ashmolean 1836)); "GUBERNETES. Mihi.  ... This bird appears to have a considerable affinity to the genus Psaris of M. Cuvier in the structure of its bill and wings, but it differs from it by other such essential characters as to have induced me to place it in a separate genus. Besides the differences in the structure of the tail, an important character in the present group of birds [Laniadæ], which still retain some of the powers of flight belonging to the Fissirostres, the following differences may be noticed between the two forms. The rictal bristles of my bird are strong and numerous, while in Psaris they are scarcely perceptible. The tarsi though somewhat longer than those of Psaris are in a slight degree weaker, while the toes are longer and stronger. The lateral scales of the tarsi are square and far asunder, while in Psaris they are rounded and numerous. The hinder scales also are less rounded, less close, and less conspicuous than in the latter genus" (Such 1825).
Synon. Cybernetes, Tyrannina.