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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Swallow Flycatcher H. bellicosa) L. hirundineus  of swallows  < hirundo, hirundinis  swallow (cf. Med. L. hirundineus  swallow-like); "S. G. HIRUNDINEA, Nob.  Alæ elongatæ, acuminatæ, rectrice secunda longissima, omnibus apice integris non emarginatis; cauda ampla, apice recta; rostrum latum, valde depressum; pedes debiliores, tarsis digitisque brevissimis.   1. H. bellicosa, Nob. — (Tyrannus bellicosus, Vieill., Dict., t. xxxv, p. 74; Suiriri rouge obscur, Azara, nº 189; T. pyrrophaius? Vieill., Dict., t. xxxv, p. 75; Platyrhynchos hirundinaceus, Spix., pl. 13, fig. 1" (d'Orbigny & de La Fresnaye 1837); "Hirundinea d'Orbigny and Lafresnaye, 1837, Mag. Zool. [Paris], 7, cl. 2, p. 46. Type, by monotypy, Tyrannus bellicosus Vieillot." (Traylor in Peters 1979, VIII, 184). The long-winged Swallow Flycatcher, having ejected the original owners, appropriates the nests of swallows and martins for its own use.
Synon. Phoneutria.

hirundinea / hirundineus

L. hirundineus of swallows  < hirundo  swallow (cf. Med. L. hirundineus  swallow-like, migratory).
● ex “Guêpier à Queue Fourchue” or “Guêpier Tawa” of Levaillant 1813, pl. 8 (Merops).