Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ Spotted Antbird H. naevioides) Gr. ὑλη hulē woodland, forest; φυλαξ phulax, φυλακος phulakos  watcher, sentinel  < φυλασσω phulassō  to keep guard; "Hylophylax gen. nov.  (Formicariidæ.)   Agreeing with Pithys Vieillot, Anoplops Cabanis, Rhegmatorhina Ridgway, Phlegopsis Reichenbach, etc. (and differing from Hypocnemis Cabanis), in having the second phalanx of middle toe partly united to outer toe and the acrotarsium fused (not scutellate) but differing from the first in absence of crests and very different character of nostrils, from the second in featherless orbital region and other characters; nearest Sclateria, but differing in relatively much shorter and broader bill and very different style of coloration.   Type.—Conopophaga nævioides Lafresnaye.  ('Yλη, a wood, forest; φυλαξ, a watcher, guard, sentinel.)" (Ridgway 1909).
Var. Hylophyla, Hydrophyla.
Synon. Stictomyrmornis.