Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Pipridae; Ϯ Blue-crowned Manakin L. coronata) Gr. λεπις lepis, λεπιδος lepidos  scale, flake  < λεπω lepō  to peel; θριξ thrix, τριχος trikhos  hair; "68. LEPIDOTHRIX, Schiff. - 150. cyaneocapilla, Wagl. (herbacea, Spix, fæm.)   -151. isidorii, Sclater" (Bonaparte 1854).
Synon. Curruca, Dasyncetopa, Neolepidothrix.


(syn. Lepidothrix Ϯ Blue-crowned Manakin L. coronata) Gr. νεος neos new; genus Lepidothrix Bonaparte, 1854, manakin; "Neolepidothrix, a replacement name for Lepidothrix Bonaparte (Aves, Pipridae), nec Menge (Insecta, Lepidotrichidae)" (Paclt 2009).