Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Austral Negrito L. rufa) Prof. René-Primevère Lesson (1794-1849) French Navy surgeon-naturalist, explorer. "Genus, LESSONIA.  ...  Type. - Anthus sordidus, LESSON.  Chili.  Mus. Nost.  ...  It is unquestionably the fissirostral type of the Motacillinæ, and seems to render the rank of Seiurus, as a sub-genus of Accentor, no longer doubtful. By the kindness of M. Lesson, I am possessed of a specimen from the coast of Chili; and as I see no reason why botanists only should be commemorated by generic names, I trust I may be allowed to designate this new genus after the enterprising Zoologist by whom it was discovered" (Swainson 1832).
Synon. Auchmalea, Centrites, Centrophanes.

lessonia / lessonii

● Prof. René-Primevère Lesson (1794-1849) French Navy surgeon-naturalist, explorer (syn. Ardea herodias, subsp. Ceyx azureus (ex Ceyx azurea Lesson), syn. Cinclodes patagonicus, Pterodroma, syn. Stercorarius longicaudus, syn. Syma torotoro).
● Pierre-Adolphe Lesson (1805-1888) French Navy surgeon-naturalist, botanist, brother of René-Primevère Lesson (syn. Campephilus guatemalensis, Momotus, syn. Oreopholus ruficollis, syn. Vini ultramarina).