Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Rhinocryptidae; Ϯ Slaty Bristlefront M. ater) Portmanteau of genera Merula Leach, 1816, blackbird, and Synallaxis Vieillot, 1818, spinetail (cf. L. -ax  inclining towards); "Genre. MÉRULAXE; Merulaxis, Less.  ...  1. MÉRULAXE NOIR; Merulaxis ater, Less., Cent. zool., pl. 30 [=♂]  ...  2. MÉRULAXE ROUX; Merulaxis rutilus [=♀]" (Lesson 1831);  “I should have rejoiced had the stern laws of priority allowed the appropriate name, Platyurus, Swains., to be retained instead of a name so absurdly constructed as Merulaxis, Less. Few would discover, without being told, that this word is intended as a compound of Merula and Synallaxis” (Strickland 1841).
Var. Merularis.
Synon. Platyurus, Sarochalinus.