Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Furnariidae; Ϯ Rufous-tailed Xenops M. milleri) Gr. μικρος mikros little; genus Xenops Illiger, 1811, xenops; "Microxenops gen. nov.   ...  Type, Microxenops milleri  ...   A small (length skin, 96 mm) furnariine bird with a general resemblance in color to species of the genus Xenops but with no white subauricular stripe and no black in the tail   ...   Doubtless it resembles Xenops in habits, as it does in general appearance, but the marked difference in their structure suggests that the resemblance is superficial rather than indicative of close relationship. In its short, square tail Microxenops suggests Sitta, while the short wedge-shaped bill recalls, at first glance, that of Picumnus rather than that of any known species of Furnariidae or Dendrocolaptidae" (Chapman 1914).