Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ White-bibbed Antbird M. loricatus) Gr. μυρμος murmos  ant; δερω derō  to thrash, to cudgel; "Myrmoderus gen. nov.  (Formicariidæ.)   Related to Myrmeciza Gray but tail much longer (more than five-sixths as long, sometimes longer than, wing, bill more slender, nostril larger and more longitudinal, and forehead more densely feathered, with feathers more compactly webbed, more decumbent; style of coloration very different.   Type.— Myiothera loricata Lichtenstein.  (Mυρμηξ, an ant; δερω, I flay, cudgel.)" (Ridgway 1909).
Synon. Myrmedestes.