Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Machaerirhynchidae; Ϯ Yellow-breasted Boatbill M. flaviventer) Gr. μαχαιρα makhaira  large knife, dagger; ῥυγχος rhunkhos  bill; "MACHÆRIRHYNCHUS FLAVIVENTER, Gould.   Yellow-breasted Flycatcher." (Gould 1851); "Family MUSCICAPIDÆ?  Genus MACHÆRIRHYNCHUS.   Gen. Char.  Bill rather shorter than the head, very much depressed and widely dilated, causing it to assume a lancet-like form; culmen elevated, forming a distinct ridge down the centre of the upper mandible, and continued over its extremity in the form of a sharp hook; under mandible convex; tomiæ straight, the upper very slightly slightly overlapping the lower; rictus beset with fine but stiff bristles; nostrils oblong, partly covered with an operculum, and seated in large and deep depressions occupying the basal half of the upper mandible; wings short and somewhat rounded, the first quill very short, the second much shorter than the third, the fifth the longest; tail moderate in length, distinctly graduated, the outer feathers being little more than half the length of the central ones; tarsi moderate in length and slight in structure; toes feeble, particularly the anterior ones; the two outer toes equal in length, and united from the base to the first joint; hind toe rather long; claws hooked and very sharp." (Gould 1852).
Var. Macheirhynchus, Machirhynchus, Machaerorhynchus, Machaerirhuynchus.