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(Locustellidae; Ϯ Striated Grassbird M. palustris) Gr. μεγας megas, μεγαλη megalē  great, long; ουρα oura tail; "Gen. 23.  MEGALURUS.  Rostrum mediocre, rectum, validiusculum, subcompressum, valde gradatim attenuatum.  Culmen rotundatum, inter nares carinatum, apice emarginatum.  Nares basales, superne membrana clausæ, apertura parva lineari juxta tomia.  Alæ cauda breviores.  Remiges: prima subspuria, secunda, tertia et quarta (quæ sunt æquales) paululum brevior, reliquæ  gradatim breviores.  Cauda valde elongata cuneata.  Pedes validi; tarsi elongati.  Digiti laterales æquales, medius longus.  Ungues compressi acuti, hallucis medio dimidio major mediocriterarcuatus.   This genus appears to take a situation intermediate between Motacilla and Anthus on one side and Alauda on the other. It differs from the former in the strength and horny nature of the bill, in which it approaches to Alauda; but the bill is longer than in the latter genus, straight and decidedly notched. In the degree of enlargement and the curvature of the claw of the posterior toe it also holds an intermediate situation. The legs are comparatively robust, and the size of the tail is different from the allied genera.    Spec. 1. Megalurus palustris   ...   Larri-angon Javanis." (Horsfield 1821); "Megalurus Horsfield, 1821, Trans. Linn. Soc. London, 13, p. 158. Type, by monotypy, Megalurus palustris Horsfield." (Watson in Peters 1986, XI, 37).
Var. Myalurus.
Synon. Papuodytes.