Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Meliphagidae; Ϯ Arfak Honeyeater M. gymnops) Gr. μελι meli,  μελιτος melitos  honey; ποτης potēs  drinker  < πινω pinō  to drink; "12. MELIPOTES GYMNOPS, gen. et sp. n.  (Plate LVI.)   Melipotes* gen. nov. ex fam. Meliphagidarum, rostro crassiusculo, breviore quam caput, culmine arcuato, gonyde recta; naribus ovalibus; regione auriculari late nuda et subtus carunculata: alis modicis: cauda modica paulum elongata.    MELIPOTES GYMNOPS, sp. n.  ...  Hab. Atam, apud montes Papuanos Arfak.  This form of the Meliphagine family is very distinct on account of the denudation of the whole ocular region, which is fringed below by a narrow caruncle.  ...  The bill is short and rather stout; the nostrils are short and suboval, and situated in a shallow groove near the central feathers.  ...  *Mελι, mel, et ποτης, potator" (P. Sclater 1874).