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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Streak-throated Bush Tyrant M. striaticollis pallidus) Gr. μυια muia, μυιας muias  fly; θηρατης thēratēs  hunter  < θηραω thēraō  to hunt  < θηρ thēr, θηρος thēros  beast, animal. Reichenbach's 1850, plate LXVI, labelled Muscicapinae: Tyranninae, illustrates a variety of bristled and generally heavy-billed tyrant flycatchers, including this distinctly streak-throated bird; "Myiotheretes Reichenbach, 1850, Avium Syst. Nat., pl. 66. Type, by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1855, Cat. Genera Subgenera Birds., p. 48), "Tyrannus rufiventer D'Orb." = Myiotheretes striaticollis pallidus Berlepsch." (Traylor in Peters 1979, VIII, 160).
Synon. Ochthodiaeta, Orodynastes.