Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Rusty-margined Flycatcher M. cayanensis) Gr. μυια muia, μυιας muias  fly; ζητητης zētētēs  searcher  < ζητεω zēteō  to seek; "Tyranneæ.  ...  *1392. Myiozeta, Schiff." (Bonaparte 1854); "Myiozetetes*   ...   *I so correct this name from "Myiozeta, Bp.," as given in Mr. G. R. Gray's List, p. 146. The name was published in Pr. Bonaparte's 'Conspectus Systematis Ornithologiæ' (Ann. des Sc. Nat. vol. iv. 1854) without indication of type; but from specimens in my own collection, marked in the Prince's own handwriting, I am enabled to state that this was intended to be Elainia cayennensis, Auct." (P. Sclater 1859); "Myiozetetes SCLATER, P. Z. S., 27, p. 46, 1859—type by orig. desig. "Elainia cayennensis" = Muscicapa cayanensis LINNAEUS.   ...   Myiozeta BONAPARTE 1854 is a nomen nudum." (Hellmayr 1927, 137).
Var. Myiozeta.