Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ Black Bushbird N. niger) Gr. νεος neos  new, strange; κταντης ktantēs  murderer (i.e. antshrike)  < κτεινω kteinō  to murder; "2. NEOCTANTES NIGER.  ...  This singular bird was originally described by Herr von Pelzeln as a Xenops, under the designation which it had received in Natterer's MS. In his recently published 'Ornithologie Brasiliens,' Herr von Pelzeln has removed it to the genus Pteroptochus; but a glance at the structure of the nostrils (which have no traces of the characteristic operculum of the Pteroptochidae) is sufficient to show that this is not its natural position. For myself, I believe that it may be correctly removed to the Thamnophilinæ, with which it agrees in general structure, but that it must stand as the type of a new genus in the neighbourhood of Thamnistes, which I propose to call Neoctantes*.    Neoctantes genus novum Thamnophilinarum.  Habitus generalis Thamnophili, sed rostro compresso, subrecurvato differt.  Nares patulæ.  Culmen rectum, subdescendens, ad apicem paulum incurvum.  Tomiarum linea parum ascendens.  Gonys recurvus fortiter ascendens.  Alæ breves, remigibus quinto sexto et septimo inter se fere æqualibus et longissimis.  Pedes sicut in speciebus minoribus generis Thamnophili.  Typus et species unica N. niger.   ...   *νεος (novus) et κταντης (occisor)." (P. Sclater 1869).