Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(syn. Celeus Ϯ Ringed Woodpecker C. torquatus tinnunculus) Genus Cerchneis Boie, 1826, kestrel; Gr. πιπω pipō  woodpecker; "39. Cerchneipicus Bp.  corr. Cerchneopipo (tinnunc.)" (Sundevall 1866); "Cerchneopipo nob.  Cap. Pic. p. 116 (tinnunculus); sp. 230-1." (Sundevall 1873).


(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Cinnamon Manakin Tyrant N. cinnamomea) Gr. νεος neos  new, strange; Mod. L. pipo  manakin  < Gr. πιπων pipōn  small unidentified bird; "The second bird is a small Piprine form, allied to the rufous species of Heteropelma, which Herr v. Pelzeln has lately described as H. rufum, but much more diminutive in size, being scarcely larger in bulk than a typical Pipra, although its tail is relatively much longer. In the shape of the bill, however, as in general structure, this bird comes nearer to Heteropelma than to Pipra   ...  We propose to call this bird NEOPIPO RUBICUNDA, sp. et gen. nov.   ...   PS. Since this paper was read we have received separate copies of a paper by Mr. Lawrence, extracted from the 'Proceedings of the Academy of Nat. Sci. of Philadelphia' for December 1868, wherein  is a description of a bird which seems to be our Neopipo under the name Pipra cinnamomea. The species will therefore probably stand as Neopipo cinnamomea." (P. Sclater & Salvin 1869); "Neopipo Sclater and Salvin, 1869, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, p. 438. Type, by original designation, Neopipo rubicunda Sclater and Salvin = Pipra cinnamomea Lawrence." (Snow in Peters 1979, VIII, 252). The Cinnamon Manakin Tyrant or Neopipo was formerly treated as a manakin Pipridae, but is now considered allied to Platyrinchus and Calyptura.