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(Numididae; Ϯ Helmeted Guineafowl N. meleagris) L. Numida African, Numidian (ancient Numidia, between Mauretania Caesariensis and Africa-Carthago, encompassed the north-eastern parts of modern Algeria); "102. NUMIDA.  Caput collo compresso colorato cornutum.  Palearia carunculacea, ad latera maxillæ inferioris.  Rostrum cera instructum nares recipiente." (Linnaeus 1766): based on "Gallina Guineensis" of Aldrovandus 1599-1603, and other authors, "Gallina africana" of Marcgrave 1648, "Peintade" of Dodart 1676, "Numida" of Linnaeus 1754, "Gallina vertice corneo" of Hasselqvist 1757, and Phasianus Meleagris Linnaeus, 1758; "Numida Linné, Syst. Nat., ed. 12, 1, 1766, p. 273. Type, by monotypy, Numida meleagris Linné = Phasianus meleagris Linné." (Peters 1934, II, 134). Linnaeus's Numida comprised a single species. 
Var. Numidia.   
Synon. Arquata, Gallina, Pintado, Querelea.


Genus Numida Linnaeus, 1766, guineafowl.