Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tityridae; Ϯ Sharpbill O. cristatus) Gr. οξυς oxus  sharp; ῥυγχος rhunkhos  bill; "OXYRINQUE, Oxyruncus. (Temm.) -  Caract. Bec court, droit, triangulaire à sa base, très-effilé en alène à la pointe. Narines basales, latérales comme les torcols [Jynx].  ...  Ce serait un Torcol s'il avait les pieds de ces oiseaux d'Amérique méridionale" (Temminck 1820); “The single genus  ...  is at once recognizable from the Tyrannidae by its straight, sharp-pointed bill, which is beset on the lores and front and under the chin by numerous small and short bristly feathers” (P. Sclater 1888). The Sharpbill is an enigmatic bird of disjunct distribution and uncertain taxonomic position, formerly treated in the Tyrannidae or as a monotypic family Oxyruncidae.
Var. Oxyrhamphus (Gr. ῥαμφος rhamphos bill), Oxyramphus, Oxyrhynchus, Oxyrhyncus, Oxyrrhynchus, Oxyrynchos, Oxyrynchus.