Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(syn. Orthonyx Ϯ Chowchilla O. spaldingii) Gr. μακρος makros  long, large; genus Orthonyx Temminck, 1820, logrunner; "777. MACRORTHONYX, gen. nov.   Differs from Orthonyx in its more powerful bill and stronger legs and feet, with longer wings and tail; in the wing the first primary is proportionately longer and the second shorter than in Orthonyx; the fourth, fifth and sixth primaries longest and subequal.  Type, Orthonyx spaldingi Ramsay." (Mathews 1912).


Gr. μονος monos  single; ορθος orthos  straight; ονυξ onux, ονυχος onukhos  claw, nail.


(Orthonychidae; Ϯ Australian Logrunner O. temminckii) Gr. ορθος orthos  straight; ονυξ onux, ονυχος onukhos  claw; "ONGUICULÉ, Orthonyx. (Temm.)   ...   Ongles plus longs que les doigts, forts, peu arqués, cannelés latéralement" (Temminck 1820); "Orthonyx Temminck, 1820, Man. Orn., éd. 2, 1, p. 81. No species; generic details only. Type, by subsequent designation (Ranzani, 1822, Elem. Zool., 3, p. 19), Orthonyx temminckii Ranzani." (Deignan in Peters 1964, X, 228).
Var. Orthonix.
Synon. Macrorthonyx, Papuorthonyx.


Gr. ορθος orthos  straight; ονυξ onux, ονυχος onukhos  claw.


(syn. Orthonyx Ϯ Papuan Logrunner O. novaeguineae) Portmanteau of toponym Papua and genus Orthonyx Temminck, 1820, logrunner; "It may interest Australians to know that there occurs in New Guinea a species so similar that it was named Orthonyx temminckii victoriana by van Oort (Notes Leyden Mus., Vol. 30, p. 234, 1909). Previously the bird from Arfak, New Guinea, had been named Orthonyx novæguineæ by Meyer, and the superficial resemblance to the New South Wales bird is striking.   ...   Instead of being only subspecific these differences being cumulative deserve recognition by a distinct name, especially as the very different Macrorthonyx intervenes geographically. I therefore propose PAPUORTHONYX with type species Orthonyx novæguineæ Meyer, and this should be generically used." (Mathews 1921).