Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tityridae; Ϯ Green-backed Becard P. viridis) Gr. παχυς pakhus  stout, thick; ῥαμφος rhamphos  bill; "rostro vix brevi, crasso, alto, rotundato-convexo, ad frontem largo, apice dentato" (von Spix 1826) (see Becardia); "PACHYRAMPHUS, n.  Pachyrhynchus, Spix.  Psaris, Cuv.   P. Cuvieri, (Swains.) n., Zool. Ill., t. 32." (G. Gray 1840); "The generic name of Pachyrhynchus Spix, is changed by Mr. G. R. Gray, to Pachyramphus, as the former word is used in entomology" (Darwin 1841).
Var. Pachyrhamphus.
Synon. Bathmidurus, Berlepschia, Callopsaris, Chloropsaris, Climacocercus, Pachyrhynchus, Zetetes.