Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Cotingidae; Ϯ Capuchinbird P. tricolor) Gr. περισσος perissos  extraordinary; κεφαλη kephalē  head; "The genus Gymnocephalus Geoffroy St.-Hilaire [1809] must give way to Gymnocephalus Bloch and Schneider [1801]. In its stead may be employed Perissocephalus, from περισσος, mirabilis, and κεφαλη, caput. The type and sole species is Corvus calvus Gmelin" (Oberholser 1899). Incongruous though it may seem, recent studies imply that this genus should be subsumed into Cephalopterus.   
Synon. Calvifrons, CoracinaGymnocephalus.