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(syn. Procnias Ϯ Three-wattled Bellbird P. tricarunculatus) Gr. καλλος kallos  beauty  < καλος kalos  beautiful; genus Procnias Illiger, 1811, bellbird;  "Calloprocnias, gen. nov.  The species that I propose to separate under the above title has also been included by previous authors in the genus Casmarhynchos Temm. = Procnias Illiger. It differs, however, from the type of that genus in having three wattles, one on the forehead at the base of the culmen and one on each side of the head at the gape of the bill, while it has a very different coloration.  Type Casmarhynchus tricarunculatus (J. & E. Verreaux)" (Chubb 1920).


(Cotingidae; Ϯ Bearded Bellbird P. averano) Gr. myth. Prokne or Procne, who was metamorphosed into a swallow (see Progne); "GENUS 58. PROCNIAS Hoffmansegg (a Procne in hirundinem mutata) (Schnapper Germ.)  Rostrum brevius, basi latissimum, dpressum, grypanium, dertro subadunco compresso, mandibulis triangularibus; tomiis maxillaribus versus basin utrinsecus dilatatis, versus apicem contractis, ibidem emarginatis. Myxa apice sursum inflexo. Furca admodum patens, gnathidis angustis.  ...  Species: Ampelis variegata, carunculata? Lin Gmel. Hirundo viridis Temminck Catalog. (at nostra avis, cum descriptione bene congruens, e Brasilia est.)" (Illiger 1811); "Procnias Illiger, 1811, Prodr. Syst. Mamm. Avium, p. 228. Type, by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1840, List Genera Birds, p. 34), "P. variegatus (L.) Ill." = Ampelis variegata Gmelin = Ampelis Averano Hermann." (Snow in Peters 1979, VIII, 305). Illiger appears to have misidentified Temminck's bird.
Synon. Arapunga, Averano, Calloprocnias, Casmarhinchos, Eulopogon, Vavasouria.
● (syn. Tersina Ϯ Swallow Tanager T. viridis) This name makes more sense when applied to the Swallow Tanager; “Moreover, the name Procnias clearly alludes to the swallow-like form of Tersa (which induced Temminck at that time to call it Hirundo viridis)” (Strickland 1841); "from its large Swallow-like gape and lengthened wings " (P. Sclater 1886).   
Var. Procnia.