Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Rhinocryptidae; Ϯ Spotted Bamboowren P. guttatus) Gr. ψιλος psilos  simple, smooth, fine; ῥαμφος rhamphos  bill; "(Leptorhynchus striolatus, Menetries, Mém. de l'Ac. St. P. 1835, pl. 10. fig. 2*)   ...   * M. Menetries has made this bird a second species of his genus Leptorhynchus, but I do not think it can be satisfactorily arranged along with the peculiar form which he has made the type of his genus; and the name Leptorhynchus being preoccupied, I propose to change it to Psilorhamphus.  Type P. guttatus, mihi. (Leptorhynchus guttatus, Men. pl. 10. fig.1.)" (P. Sclater 1855); "Psilorhamphus Sclater, 1855, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 23, p. 90. New name for Leptorhynchus Ménétriés, 1835, preoccupied by Leptorhynchus Clift, 1829. Type, by monotypy, Leptorhynchus guttatus Ménétriés." (Paynter in Peters 1964, X, Addenda [456]).
Var. Psiloramphus.
Synon. Leptorhynchus.