Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Artamidae; Ϯ Lowland Peltops P. blainvillii) Gr. πελτη peltē  small shield; ωψ ōps, ωπος ōpos  face; "12.  Genus Eurylaimus.  Eurylaimus Blainvillii Lesson et Garn. Voy. t. 19. f. 2., Bullet. univ. des sc. nat. 1827. n. 6. p. 302. Less. Man. d'Ornith. I. p. 176.   Neutiquam Eurylaimi species, ab eo alis elongatis, cauda longa emarginata, rostro elongato angustiore etc. satis distincta. Constituo ex hac ave genus Peltops." (Wagler 1829). The thick-billed Lowland Peltops is also known as the Clicking Shieldbill. The precise relationships of the peltopses is uncertain; they may be entitled to familial rank Peltopsidae.
Synon. Erolla, Platystomus.