Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(syn. Neophron Ϯ Egyptian Vulture N. percnopterus ) L. percnopterus  vulture  < Gr. περκνοπτερος perknopteros  vulture (cf. specific name Vultur percnopterus Linnaeus, 1758); "Nasal orifices placed longitudinally.   28. SARCORAMPHUS.  Condor.  Neck bare of feathers.  Cere carunculated.   29. PERCNOPTERUS.  Neck covered with feathers" (Fleming 1822).   Var. Perenopterus, Perinopterus.


● L. percnopterus  vulture  < Gr. περκνοπτερος perknopteros  vulture  < περκνος perknos  dusky; -πτερος -pteros  -winged  < πτερον pteron  wing; ex “Percnopterus” or “Gypaëtos” of Aldrovandus 1599, and Ray 1713, “Falco montanus ægyptiacus” of Hasselqvist 1751, and “Vultur. (Percnopterus)” of Hasselqvist 1757. “The specific name of the Egyptian Vulture was spelt perenopterus, not percnopterus, by Linnaeus. This is obviously a misprint, as he quotes from Aldrovandus and Ray, both of whom spelled the word percnopterus” (BOU 1915). This name, in the original combination Vultur Perenopterus Linnaeus, 1758, is the sixth name and fourth autochthonym in avian nomenclature (Neophron).
● Gr. περκνος perknos  dark; -πτερος -pteros  -winged (syn. Gyps fulvus, syn. Xenoctistes rufosuperciliatus).


L. sub  near to; specific name Vultur percnopterus Linnaeus, 1758 (syn. Neophron percnopterus).