Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Furnariidae; Ϯ Spotted Barbtail P. brunnescens) Gr. πρεμνον premnon  tree trunk; πλησσω plēssō  to strike; "Premnoplex, gen. nov.  (type, Margarornis brunnescens Lawr.).   I have before me four of the six recognized species of the genus Margarornis; namely, squamigera, stellata, rubiginosa, and brunnescens. The latter presents peculiarities in the pattern of coloration and structure that have led me to place it in a new genus, Premnoplex, Ϯ which I would characterize as similar to Margarornis, but wing short and rounded, and much more concave, while the second primary is shorter than the sixth, not longer; quills only faintly edged with lighter on the inner webs and no patch at the base of the feathers, extending to the shaft on the inner webs of a pale fulvous color.  This light-colored area in squamigera, stellata, and rubiginosa, commences on the third primary and extends across the secondaries, increasing in length along the web on each succeeding feather. From descriptions I find the light patch at the base of the quills is present in perlata and guttata.  In the new genus the nostrils open in a narrow slit at the posterior part of the nasal fossæ, while in the species of Margarornis before me the nasal opening is at the forward end of the nasal fossæ.   ...   Ϯ Πρεμνον = trunk of tree and πηησσω [sic] = strike." (Cherrie 1891).