Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Meliphagidae; Ϯ Rufous-backed Honeyeater P. guisei) Gr. πτιλον ptilon  feather; πρωρα prōra  ship’s prow; “55. Ptilotis? guisei, n. s.  ...  Allied to P. erythropleura, Salvad.  The feathered face, rounded tail, and want of a specialized ear-tuft should be sufficient to separate these two species from Ptilotis; a subgenus, Ptiloprora, limited by these characters, might be made for them” (DeVis 1894); "Ptiloprora De Vis, 1894, Ann. Rept. British New Guinea, 1893-94, p. 103. Type, by present designation, Ptilotis guisei De Vis....  1 No proper type selection has been made. It is usually stated that the type designation is based on monotypy, but De Vis placed both guisei and erythropleura in Ptiloprora, without choosing a generic type." (Salomonsen in Peters 1967, XII, 412).