Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Meliphagidae; Ϯ Brown-backed Honeyeater R. modestus) Dr Edward Pierson Ramsay (1842-1916) Australian zoologist, Curator of Australian Mus., Sydney 1874-1894 (cf. subsp. name Gliciphila modesta ramsayi Mathews 1912 (= syn. Ramsayornis modestus)); Gr. ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos bird; "1,187. RAMSAYORNIS, gen. nov.  Differs from Gliciphila in its shorter but comparatively stouter bill, with weaker legs and feet; the wing is shorter and the tail comparatively much shorter, while the first and second primaries are proportionately shorter.  Type, Gliciphila subfasciata Ramsay." (Mathews 1912); "Ramsayornis Mathews, 1912, Austral Avian Rec., 1, p. 115. Type, by original designation, Gliciphila subfasciata Ramsay = Glyciphila modesta G. R. Gray." (Salomonsen in Peters 1967, XII, 431).
Synon. Ryanornis.