Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Thamnophilidae; Ϯ Silvered Antbird S. naevia) Dr Philip Lutley Sclater (1829-1913) English ornithologist; "Heterocnemis Sclater [1855] is preoccupied by Heterocnemis Albers [1852] for a genus of Coleoptera. Since the only other name for this group of birds, Holocnemis Strickland [1844], is untenable because of Holocnemis Schilling [1829], in Coleoptera, as pointed out by Dr. Sclater (l.c.), it is proposed to substitute Sclateria, in honor of Dr. P. L. Sclater, and in recognition of his extensive contributions to Neotropical ornithology.  The type is Sitta nævia Gmelin." (Oberholser 1899).
Synon. Heterocnemis, Holocnemis.

sclateriana / sclaterii

Dr Philip Lutley Sclater (1829-1913) English ornithologist (Amalocichla, subsp. Coracina papuensis, Goura, syn. Pternistis afer).