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(Sapayoidae; Ϯ Sapayoa S. aenigma) Río Sapáyo (= Río Zapállo Grande), Esmeraldas, Ecuador; "Sapayoa gen. nov. Pipridarum.   Passeris domestici magnitudine.  Rostro lato, depresso, culmine carinato, apice adunco, vibrissis rictalibus fortibus.  Naribus rotundatis.  Corporis plumis copiosis, mollibus, in capite summo paullum elongatis, itaque pileo fere subcristato.  Cauda aequali, paullum emarginata.  Remige exteriore secundariarum longitudine, quarta longissima.  Pedibus parvis, invalidis, metatarsis ocreatis, dimidio summo plumatis.  Digitis metatarsi fere longitudine, basi syndactylis.  Typus generis species unica cognita: Sapayoa aenigma sp. nov.  ...  Hab. In Ecuadoria occidentali septentrionali, ad flumen Sapayo dictum.   This remarkable new genus, for which I propose the name Sapayoa, is difficult to place in the system.  After a careful comparison, however, I have come to the conclusion, that it is best placed among the Pipridae, not far from the genus Scotothorus (Heteropelma, Cat. B. xiv. p. 318), and my friend Count Berlepsch, to whom I sent the bird before describing it, is of the same opinion.  In the uniform coloration and general structure of plumage this bird agrees most with Scotothorus, but the very weak and small feet remind one of Neopelma." (Hartert 1903). The Sapayoa is of limited range and uncertain affinities, long classified with the Pipridae, close to Schiffornis, but now considered to be related to the broadbills Eurylaimidae and Calyptomenidae.