Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Yellow-bellied Chat Tyrant S. diadema) L. silvicultrix, silvicultricis  living in the woods  < silva  woodland; cultrix, cultricis  female inhabitant  < cultor, cultoris  planter  < colere  to cultivate; "Silvicultrix, new genus  TYPE SPECIES: Myiobius diadema Hartlaub (1843, p. 289)  ... ETYMOLOGY: From the Latin (feminine gender), meaning one who inhabits woods, in acknowledgement of the widely reported preference of these three species for a woodland habitat, in contrast to most Ochthoeca.  DIAGNOSIS: Separable from Ochthoeca and Colorhamphus by plumage characteristics, syringeal morphology, nesting behavior (all three species?), and morphology of the nasal septum" (W. E. Lanyon 1986).


L. silvicultrix, silvicultricis  living in the woods  < silva  woodland; cultrix, cultricis  female inhabitant  < cultor, cultoris  planter  < colere  to cultivate.