Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Calyptomenidae; Ϯ African Broadbill S. capensis) Sir Andrew Smith (1797-1872) Scottish surgeon, zoologist, ethnologist, explorer in South Africa, first Superintendent of Cape Town Mus. 1825, Assistant/ Director-Gen. of Army Medical Services 1845-1858; Gr. ορνις ornis, ορνιθος  ornithos  bird; "*688. Smithornis, Bp. (Platyrhynchus, Smith.) Rostrum valde depressum, culmine distincto, apice subadunco!  Africa.  1.   PLATYRHYNCHUS capensis, Smith. Ill. S. Afr. Zool. Av. t. 27. a. mas. b. faem." (Bonaparte 1850); "Smithornis Bonaparte, Consp. Av., 1, 1850, p. 322. Type, by monotypy, Platyrhynchus capensis A. Smith." (Peters 1951, VII, 3).
Synon. Phrynorhamphus.