Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Black-chested Tyrant T. andrei) Gr. ταινια tainia  band; τρικκος trikkos  small bird. In ornithology triccus signifies tyrant flycatcher. "Taeniotriccus gen. nov.  Taeniotriccus genus novum Tyrannidarum generi Poecilotriccus dicto fere affine, sed rostri maxilla crassa, tumida et lata, vibrissis laxis crebribusque dimidium rostri attingentibus, tarsis pro usu brevioribus, pileo cristato, coloribus insolitus (alis basi fasciatis) insigne.  Generis typus est: Taeniotriccus andrei sp. nov.  ... The broad wing-bars, formed by the yellowish white bases to the remiges, are a characteristic feature not to be found in any other known bird of this group" (von Berlepsch & Hartert 1902).