Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Sulphury Flycatcher T. sulphurea) Genus Tyrannus de Lacépède, 1799, kingbird; Gr. οψις opsis  appearance; "Tyrannopsis gen. nov. (Tyrannidæ.)   Similar to Tyrannus Cuvier, but tip of outermost primaries not attenuate[,] tail relatively shorter (shorter than distance from bend of wing to end of secondaries), and nostril much nearer to commissure than to culmen, overhung by a very broad membrane.  Differing from Myiozeta Bonaparte (to which commonly referred) in relatively much larger and stouter bill, shorter and more rounded wing, shorter tail, and shorter tarsus (the latter shorter than middle toe, with claw).   Type, Muscicapa sulphurea Spix = Tyrannopsis sulphureus.  (Tyrannus + οψις, appearance.)" (Ridgway 1905).