Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tityridae; Ϯ White-naped Becard X. albinucha) Gr. ξενος xenos  stranger; genus Psaris Cuvier 1817, tityra; "Pachyrhamphus albinucha, having a pycnaspidian tarsus, is a member of the family Cotingidæ  ...  but on comparison with the various genera in this and other "subfamilies" it is found to approach more nearly to Casiornis in structure than to any other. The differences, however, from Casiornis, are so numerous and so great, that there seems to be no resource but to establish a new genus for its reception. I, therefore, propose as the name for the new genus the name Xenopsaris.  ...  Xenopsaris genus novum Cotingidarum.  (Type, Pachyrhamphus albinucha Burmeister" (Ridgway 1891). The White-naped Becard or Xenopsaris was formerly considered to be a member of the Cotingidae.
Synon. Prospoietus.