Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Belted Flycatcher X. callizonus) Gr. ξενος xenos  stranger; τρικκος trikkos  unidentified small bird. In ornithology triccus signifies tyrant flycatcher; "a remarkable Tyrannid, which in coloration and structural details is unique  ...  When we unwrapped the specimens they were quickly recognized as belonging to an undescribed species, and a few minutes' casual inspection convinced us that we were dealing with a peculiarly distinct genus. It may be diagnosed as follows  XENOTRICCUS, new genus.   GENERIC CHARACTERS. — A medium-sized Tyrannid, the bill and development of the rictal bristles suggesting Aphanotriccus, which it also resembles in the cohesion of the outer and middle toes; feathers of the center of the pileum forming a conspicuous blackish crest, more developed than in Mitrephanes; wing relatively short and rounded; tail rounded and very long, exceeding the wing, suggesting Mecocerculus; tarsus long, more than twice the length of the middle toe without claw, suggesting Muscisaxicola and other long-legged Tæniopterinæ; coloration unique and bright   ...   The generic type is Xenotriccus callizonus, new species." (Dwight & Griscom 1927).
Var. Xonotriccus.
Synon. Aechmolophus.