Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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L. aenigma, aenigmatis  mystery, riddle  < Gr. αινιγμα ainigma, αινιγματος  ainigmatos  riddle. Highlighting the uncertain systematic positions of the Sapayoa Sapayoa, remarkable, among other characters, for its extraordinary bill and partially feathered cotingid metatarsus, and Zimmer’s Tody Tyrant Hemitriccus (= H. minimus), which, with its distinctive wing formula, was considered allied to but separate from the White-eyed Tody Tyrant H. zosterops.


L. aenigmaticus  obscure, enigmatic  < aenigma, aenigmatis  mystery  < Gr. αινιγμα ainigma, αινιγματος ainigmatos  riddle.


(syn. Amaurornis Ϯ Striped Crake A. marginalis) L. aenigma, aenigmatis  riddle, mystery  < Gr. αινιγμα ainigma, αινιγματος ainigmatos  mystery, riddle; Mod. L. limnas  rail  < Gr. λιμνας limnas  of the marsh  < λιμνη limnē  marsh; "Porzana marginalis has been placed sometimes in Corethrura Reichenbach, which genus was subsequently replaced by Limnobaenus Sundevall, but even when Limnobaenus and Porzana are united, as has been done by Hartert and others, quite correctly in my opinion, the bird does not fit. I believe that in such cases aberrant species are best segregated in monotypic genera, if they cannot be removed to some genus where their characters entitle them to admission. In this case no such course is open, nor has a genus ever been created for Porzana marginalis. Under these circumstances I propose   AENIGMATOLIMNAS gen. nov.   Type (and only known species), Porzana marginalis Hartlaub.   Characters. - Small Rallidae, superficially similar to Porzana but with more compressed bill and culmen more arched; nasal sulcus shallow and poorly defined; nostril elliptical, situated along the lower margin and close to the anterior end of the sulcus; tail about two fifths as long as wing; tarsus one third as long as wing; middle toe without claw longer than tarsus; hind toe without claw equal to basal phalanx of middle toe." (J. Peters 1932) (Laurent Raty in litt.).