Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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annectans / annectens

L. annectens, annectentis  connecting  < annectere  to connect.
“Annectans nobis.  Annectant Bhuchanga nobis.  A singular species, returning, both by its form and habits, towards the forest,-haunting [sic] birds first described, through the 3rd or Tectirostris [= Dicrurus remifer], which it very closely resembles in the form of its bill” (Hodgson 1836) (see Bhuchanga) (Dicrurus).
● “This form serves to connect Sibia Hodg., as exemplified by S. capistrata, with Yuhina but cannot be placed satisfactorily with either.” (Blyth 1847) (Heterophasia).
● "Passerella iliaca annectens, subsp. nov.  YAKUTAT FOX SPARROW.  Similar to P. i. insularis but smaller (the bill especially) and coloration slightly darker; similar to P. i. townsendi, but the brown color less castaneous" (Ridgway 1900) (subsp. Passerella unalaschcensis).