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(syn. Procnias Ϯ White Bellbird P. albus) Specific name Ampelis averano Hermann, 1783; "CXXIII.e Genre.  AVÉRANO; AveranoAmpelis, Vieill.; Casmarhynchos, Temm.  ...  Ce genre ne comprend qu'une espèce, qui est l'averano carnobarba; l'ampelis variegata, Gm.; l'ampelis averano, Vieill., Gal., pl. 117. Le Procnias melanocephalus, Wied., It., t. I, p. 26; Casmarynchos variegata, Temm., pl. 51; Cotinga, nov. sp., Cuv. Règne an., pl. 4, fig. 4.  ...  Son nom d'averano est contracté des mots portugais ave de verano, oiseau d'été, qui lui appliquent les Créoles; c'est le guira-punga de Marcgrave" (Lesson 1830).


French name “Averano” given to the Bearded Bellbird by de Buffon (Brazilian Portuguese name Ave de verão bird of summer, because it was believed to call only during the six weeks of high summer); ex “Guirapunga” of Marcgrave 1648, and “Averano” of de Buffon 1770-1783. Ray 1678, wrote,”It hath a double note, which it useth promiscuously; one like that of a Hammer striking a Wedge in the Woods, (cick, cock :) The other, as if one should strike a crackt Bell, (Kur, kur, kur, &c.) It cries only in the middle of Summer, in December and the beginning of January for five or six Weeks, in other Months it is not heard, whence by the Portugues it is called Ave de verano.” Snow 1982, considered that the local name should be properly attributed to the Bare-throated Bellbird P. nudicollis (Procnias).