Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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celata / celatus

L. celatus  hidden  < celare  to hide.
● "This bird is distinguished by the colour of the feathers on the crown of the head, which are of a fulvous colour, tipped with the same colour as that of the neck and back, so that the fulvous colour does not appear at first sight" (Say 1822) (Leiothlypis).


L. elatus elevated, raised up, exalted  < efferre  to lift up.
● ex “Mésange huppée de Cayenne” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 708, fig. 2, and “Roitelet mésange” of de Buffon 1770-1783 (Tyrannulus).

flavovelata / flavovelatus

L. flavus  yellow, golden-yellow; velatus  veiled  < velare  to cover.


L. praelatus displayed, brought to light < praeferre to bring to light.


L. rufus  rufous; velatus  veiled  < velare  to cover  < velum  veil.

tesellata / tesellatus / tesselata / tesselatus / tessellata / tessellatus

L. tessellatus  chequered, tessellated  < tessella  very small paving stone  < tessera  cube, mosaic  < Gr. τεσσαρες tessares  four.

velata / velatum / velatus

L. velatus  veiled  < velare  to cover  < velum  covering.
● ex “Contramaestre verde pecho de oro” of de Azara 1802-1805, no. 155 (subsp. Geothlypis aequinoctialis).
● ex “Merle des Moluques” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 257 (syn. Pitta moluccensis).