Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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L. aurum  gold; frontalis  fronted, frontal  < frontalia  frontlet  <  frons, frontis  forehead, brow.
● ex “Soui-manga à front doré” of Audebert & Viellot 1802 (syn. Chalcomitra amethystina).

frontale / frontalis

L. frontalis  fronted, frontal  < frontalia or frontale  frontlet  < frons, frontis  forehead, brow (ref. distinctive, contrastingly coloured forehead patch, usually black or red).
● ex “Faucon Huppé” of Levaillant 1798, pl. 28 (syn. Crinifer piscator).
● Front Range, Rocky Mts., Colorado, USA (syn. Otus flammeolus).
● ex “Perruche Ara à Bandeau Rouge” of Levaillant 1801 (Pyrrhura).


L. niger  black; frontalis  fronted, frontal  < frontalia or frontale  frontlet  < frons, frontis  forehead, brow.