Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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chlorosaturata / chlorosaturatus

Gr. χλωρος khlōros  green; L. saturatus  rich, full  < satur, satura  rich, copious  < satis  enough.


L. per- very; saturatus  richly coloured  < saturare  to satiate.

saturatum / saturatus

L. saturatus  richly coloured, darker coloured, intensely coloured  < satur, satura  rich, copious  < satis  enough.
● “In my description of this Cuckoo [Cuculus micropterus] ...I considered certain dark ash-coloured specimens to be merely the old birds of the species ...Mr Hodgson, however, thinks differently, having lately forwarded similar examples by the designation C. saturatus” (Blyth 1843) (Cuculus).