Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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(syn. Gubernetes Ϯ Streamer-tailed Tyrant G. yetapa) Mod. L. tyranninus  like a tyrant flycatcher, tyrannine  < L. tyrannus  tyrant  < Gr. τυραννος turannos  tyrant, despot; "69. Muscicapa, L.  ...  6. Tyrannina, Sw." (Bonaparte 1831); "Al Sottogenere 6. Tyrannina (nome complessivo scritto per innavertenza) si sostituirà 6. Gubernetes, Such. (Milvulus, Sw.)" (Bonaparte 1832 (per Richmond Card Index)).


Mod. L. tyranninus like a tyrant flycatcher, tyrannine < L. tyrannus tyrant < Gr. τυραννος turannos tyrant, despot.
● “A series of specimens in the British Museum clearly connect the somewhat dissimilar male and female of this species, which it is difficult to place satisfactorily in any of the present established genera of this family as far as I am acquainted with them, though without doubt a member of the group with somewhat of a Tyrannine aspect” (P. Sclater 1855) (Cercomacroides).