Key to Scientific Names in Ornithology

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● Orlando Franklin Weber, Jr. (1879-1945) US businessman, philanthropist (subsp. Horornis flavolivaceus).
● Capt. Johann Weber (fl. 1879) collector in Peninsula Siam 1879 (syn. Picus viridanus) (see webberi).
● Walter H. Weber (fl. 2001) Colombian ornithologist, conservationist (Lipaugus).
● Max Wilhelm Carl Weber (1852-1937) German/Dutch zoologist, collector, explorer in the East Indies 1888-1889, 1899-1900, and South Africa 1894-1895 (Trichoglossus).


Wollweber (fl. 1850) German traveller, collector in Mexico for the Darmstadt Mus. (see Mearns & Mearns 1992) (Aphelocoma, Baeolophus).